Usual routine a bit rattled recently? We’ve got a new course for that.

Flexibility and adaptability are key as we all weather the Covid-19 crisis. We’ll help you keep things on an even keel.

Whether you’re used to working from home or not, things are probably a bit crazy at the moment. We’re in the perfect position to help. We specialise in powering up productivity and work efficiency in any situation – even the unprecedented one we’re all facing right now. That’s why we’ve developed a new programme, PEP for Remote Working, as a specific solution to not only help everyone adapt to the current environment, but more importantly to adapt as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Our new programme draws on our extensive experience and expertise with regard to new methods of working. Whatever tools and software you use, we’ll show you how to use them more efficiently. We know that working effectively from home presents a whole new set of challenges – so we’ll equip you with the right tools and methods to overcome any issues. It’s all about having the right support – and PEP for Remote Working offers exactly that.
PEP’s biggest impact was the combination of managing interruptions more effectively & sticking to plan. Which means I’m getting things done when I’m supposed to. Using my calendar right has been a game changer working remotely – everyone knows when I am available and what I’m working on


  • Evaluate your personal work habits in your new working environment and boost your productivity.
  • Learn how to manage the interruptions and distractions presented by a remote working environment.
  • Learn about the best tools to suit your new working arrangements and the most efficient ways to use them.
  • Develop a consistent planning methodology and create an efficient workflow.
  • Reduce stress and boost wellbeing by regaining control of your inbox, workload and new working environment.
  • Understand how to work effectively as a team with everyone working remotely.
  • Clarify what’s important, stop procrastinating and start achieving – regardless of your work location.

Programme structure

The programme will be split into three mini-courses comprising 3 hours of training, including a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session for each participant for each mini-course. The three mini-courses are:

PEP Your Remote Space:

  • Reset the PEP principles and how they apply to your remote working location
  • Review your current environment, identify and implement ways to improve it
  • Develop strategies to manage interruptions, distractions and procrastination
  • Reduce stress and boost your wellbeing by gaining control.

PEP for Working Remotely Together:

  • Identify the best ways of working to boost team productivity and effectiveness
  • Discover different ways of working together and agree on the best ways to encourage team engagement in a remote environment
  • Understand how to have best practice virtual meetings that get results
  • Create a multi-location culture which encourages collaboration, effective communication and productivity.

PEP for Leading Remotely:

  • Understand how to best manage a team with everyone working remotely
  • Learn how to boost your team’s productivity and be confident that your team continues to work efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve and maintain high levels of team engagement in a remote environment.

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