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Caring for people is at the centre of everything we do at PEP. We know that going in and out of lockdowns impacts people in different ways.

We just want to let you know that we are here to help assist you and your people. While we’re getting better at shifting between alert levels, we know that finding the balance between wellbeing and work productivity go hand in hand and can be hard to find.

All PEP solutions transition seamlessly to be delivered virtually. Here are a few of our high demand offerings.

PEP Principles

Our foundation PEP program shares our 12 principles that help you unlock what’s truly important at work. This program liberates you from unproductive habits and equips you with new ones, so you face less complexity and wasted time, fewer interruptions, meaningless tasks, and meetings. We teach you to filter and improve your ability to focus your time on what matters most whether it’s to think, execute or connect. This is our classic PEP, iterated, with over thirty years of delivery.


From participation in the program, you will acquire the skills and tools to manage the volume, velocity, and variability of work. You can expect to have embedded new behaviours, have new work routines and processes in place to help you master the art of working well, achieving more, easily. You will rediscover your purpose and be able to cut through the noise, bring back some balance and re engage with what matters.


All principles are easy to grasp and applied immediately, with many participants sharing how PEP has positively impacted their work lives.

PEP Principles with Microsoft 365

This program introduces you to the PEP principles and the relevant 365 applications to achieve breakthrough results. Microsoft 365 is a very powerful tool with a lot of unutilised features that unlock both productivity and wellbeing. PEP for Microsoft 365 helps you gain the full benefits of this technology, putting your people back in control and focusing their energy and attention on what is important. Technology is only as good as the people using it.


If you have invested in Microsoft 365 software, then upgrade your ‘humanware’TM to level up your productivity and wellbeing.


From participation in the program you will gain a greater understanding of the functionality of Microsoft 365 and how to enable it to work for you (not the other way around). You will learn the PEP principles and how best to apply them to your work using the 365 tools such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Tasks by Planner among others. We take people on an immersive journey so that they can use the proven PEP principles and the latest technology to boost their performance and enhance their wellbeing through gaining control of their work and increasing their confidence with the tools. This will increase productivity, communication, and collaboration, without adding any stress.


PEPtalks cover our core principles in a format specifically tailored for larger groups. In our condensed sessions you will learn our favourite tips, tricks, hacks, and facts on how to work well in the specific areas we cover. How working in flow works, having Teams or Outlook work for you, world-class meetings, or many of our other PEPtalks will give you practical techniques you can use to lift productivity and lower stress immediately.


Topic 1: Emails

Unlock the power of Outlook to achieve more, with less work.

Topic 2: Achieve Flow

Experience the benefits for working in flow by making interruptions and distractions a thing of the past.

Topic 3: Prioritisation

Making the shift to focus on the work that matters.

Topic 4: Meetings

How to take the most expensive cost and make it a valuable asset.

Topic 5: MS Teams

Welcome to the third evolution of work. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams well.

Topic 6: Hybrid Working

Whilst challenging, productivity and hybrid working can happily and healthily co-exist. Harness the power of working well, wherever you are working.

Leading Hybrid Teams

Regardless of what you or your company call it – Remote Working, working from home, Flexi Working - Hybrid Working is the new norm. The future of the workplace is likely to be an ongoing blend of remote working, physical offices, with increased flexibility and choice, that’s why we like the name hybrid.


Our Leading Hybrid Teams program is a 3-module series for leaders to explore and increase their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to successfully lead a hybrid team. It focuses on the adoption of core PEP principles and proven leadership techniques, contextually applied, to allow your people to connect, communicate and collaborate while being in a flexible, inclusive, and supportive hybrid workplace. The program provides tools and techniques to help leaders develop clarity on goals and objectives; optimise the performance of their people; map roles to individuals’ skills and strengths and focus their time, energy and attention on the work that matters.


From participation in the program leaders will experience a greater sense of control and calm when leading a team in multiple locations. As a leader you will be given the skills, behaviours, and tools required to build a high performing team wherever the team works. It will enable greater wellbeing, lower burnout, higher productivity, and stronger relationships across teams and wider working environments.

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